These sauces taste like we sound - and we can't wait to share this box set with you.
But let us be very clear: there are only 2500 cases available.

The order will be part of the first batch of fresh sauce and will be shipped once finished.
Any orders that come after the 2500 presale cases will be placed on a waitlist.”

All United States orders will ship within 3 weeks after ordering.
International orders will depend on customs and restrictions of the destination country.


The Killers limited edition boombox cases are packed with four flavors of hot sauce.
It includes Hot Fuss, Fire In Bone, Caution, and Blowback.


This is where it all begins.
With aged cayenne peppers and a touch of sea salt, this is the
perfect tangy Louisiana hot sauce that goes well on everything.

Heat level 1/10
Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar, cayenne pepper mash, sea salt

Net weight: 3 oz


We are going green!
This is our Verde hot sauce with fresh jalapenos, serrano, and
cilantro, along with freshly dried garlic, onions, and hatch green chilis.
This one is perfect for that plate of tacos or tortilla chips.
Pro tip: add some fresh avocado and cilantro for an amazing guac!

Heat level 3/10
Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar, hatch green chili, sea salt, onion, cilantro,
sugar, jalepeno, serrano | Net weight: 3 oz


It's new but the flavor is like it's been there for years.
Hickory smoked sea salt, habanero, hatch, and tellicherry peppers,
then we add fresh dried garlic and onion, and a little brown sugar.
This is Brandon's Favorite and will soon be yours. It has a kick that will
keep you coming back for more, It only burns when you stop eating!

Heat level 5/10
Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar, smoked sea salt, hatch chili, brown sugar, onion,
garlic, habanero, black pepper | Net weight: 3 oz


Ghost pepper (in abundance) Habanero and Hatch chillis take this
sauce to another level! So silky smooth with a serious bite! So hot
you can't stop eating it. The fruity flavor of the habanero and ghost,
add the hickory-smoked sea salt, a blend of garlic, onion, brown sugar,
and black peppers. Once you start, you will not want to stop.
Pro tip: this makes an amazing wing sauce. Add a 50/50 of Blowback and honey. It's Epic!

Heat level 10/10
Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar, hickory smoked sea salt, brown sugar, onion,
ghost pepper, garlic, habanero, black pepper | Net weight: 3 oz


"First of all, thank you for getting involved with our hot sauce! We've been involved, with the idea at least, for years. You might say starting the band was just a means to make hot sauce. Yeah, it's that good. Hotter than Vegas, and with four tasty flavors, it's more than we thought we'd pull off, to be honest. Made by hand, in small batches using only the finest ingredients like aged chilis, habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, hickory-smoked sea salt, and a dash of real sin from Las Vegas to make this most fabulous hot sauce on the market. So get ready, folks. Oblige your senses and pair with your favorite food and Killers records. DO IT! Your pals in music and sauce."